PTG Case Study #2

Synopsis: PeopleToGo provides pre interviewed candidates to client’s standard in less than 3 days. World leader in Workspace Management utilises PeopleToGo’s experience of its visual workforce to save costs and time.
Client Overview: Our client is a world leader in Workspace Management with an annual revenue of over $2 billion and over 40 years of experience in delivering workspace management services. Its focus is on creating business and technology value by maximising cost efficiency and productivity and future readiness.
The Challenge: As with any company, success and growth often bring a new set of challenges, and our client found that recruiting qualified personnel as contractors was not only costly but time consuming. As with any recruitment process our client had to handle the full procedure with the expected costs of the finding, interviewing, grading and maintaining the candidates. The length of time for this to be fully achieved was also prohibitive.
There was also the additional challenge of having contractors. Although contractors provided the necessary flexibility to our client, it was this flexibility that was also a primary weakness. Our client found that when there was not enough employment for the contractor they moved on to other contracting work. This meant that when they were required again they were often not available.
The PeopleToGo Solution: PeopleToGo’s experience as the leading ICT staffing company meant that we were in an excellent position to deliver. We were able to find the right candidates through our rigorous pre interviewing procedure. And all the associated work of background checks was provided by us. PeopleToGo were able to deliver pre interviewed, pre-vetted candidates who had already been categorised according to Level in only 1-3 days.
The Result: PeopleToGo leveraged its knowledge of ICT staffing to provide candidates who had been interviewed to our clients standard. By removing their recruitment and time costs of advertising, vetting and interviewing candidates our client was able to focus more effectively on its core business. The flexibility of the contractors was also transformed into a strength through our Just In Time solution which meant that there were contractors always available.



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