DispatchUs is pleased to offer free Dell certifications for our service professionals.

To take the Dell Certifications you need to follow the instructions listed in the documents.

For a learner whose account has been migrated from DTT:

1. Go to https://educate.dell.com/Saba/Web/Field
2. Enter the same Username that you used to access DTT
3. First time log in Default Password is: Welcome12!

Caution: Do not click on Self Registration. This process will create an Unverified, duplicate account that is unrelated to your DTT-migrated account and historical information.

For a new user who did not have an account in DTT

1. Go to https://educate.dell.com/Saba/Web/Field and click on Self Registration.
2. Username cannot be all-numeric. All-numeric Usernames will be edited to start with DELL. Example: Username 1234 will become DELL1234
3. Use Security word: 3170
4. Use Employee ID: User id not found (if blank, see note below)
Send an email to certifications@dispatchus.com after you have completed your registration to get it approved by us.
NOTE: Employee ID will be visible ONLY once your profile is complete. A completed profile includes background check results, a photo and a voided cheque submitted to us.

Mandatory Certifications:
DCSE – Certification (Cert ID: 3155) XPS 11/ 9p33
DCSE Alienware 14 R1 Certification (Cert ID: 3120)
DCSE Alienware 17 R1 Certification (Cert ID: 3121)
DCSE Alienware 18 R1 Certification (Cert ID: 3123)
DCSE Customer Induced Damage (English Spanish Portuguese) – Acknowledgement (Cert ID: 3053)
DCSE Foundation 2013 Alienware (Cert ID: 3115)
DCSE Foundation 2013 Desktops (Cert ID: 3114)
DCSE Foundation 2013 Portables (Cert ID: 3116)
DCSE Foundation 2013 Ruggedized (Cert ID: 3117)
DCSE Inspiron 2350 (Cert ID: 3140)
DCSE Inspiron 3137 (Cert ID: 3139)
DCSE Inspiron 7437 (CertID:3141)
DCSE Latitude E7240 and E7440 (Cert ID: 3124)
DCSE Microsoft Windows 8 – English – Deutsch (Cert ID : 3086)
DCSE Venue 11 Pro (7130/7139) (Cert ID : 3157)
DCSE XPS 1810 – 18 (Cert ID: 3110)
DCSE XPS 9Q23 – 12 (Cert ID: 3089)

Latitude 3340 (DCSE ID:3168)

DCSE Inspiron 3442 /14 and Inspiron 3542 / 15 (Cert ID: 3176)
DCSE Inspiron 5447/14 and Inspiron 5547/15 (Mainstream) (Cert ID: 3175)
DCSE Latitude 10 Certification (DCSE ID : 3102)
Latitude 3340 (DCSE ID:3168)
Optional But Recommended:
DCSE ESF 2011 (Cert ID 3036)
DCSE Compellent Essentials (Cert ID 3044)
DCSE Associate Server V10.0DCSE Imaging Service Force (ISF) 2011

Contact certifications@dispatchus.com 
if you need assistance.
**As you earn your DELL certifications, be sure to add those to your profile.**


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