PeopleToGo Dress Policy

Present ourselves in professional attire and maintain personal hygiene
It is because our first customer contact is so important that we must attire and groom ourselves in an appropriate manner when arriving at a customer’s home or office. Company policy dictates business casual attire. PeopleToGo employees will adhere to these policies as outlined here:
“Business Casual Attire” means attire more casual than the traditional business professional attire, e.g., business suits and neckties, business dresses, or dress shoes. Although casual or comfortable, the clothing should still project an image of being professional, neat and well groomed.
While the appropriateness of an employee’s appearance must be determined on a case-by-case basis, examples of unacceptable attire include but are not limited to:
·         Frayed, torn or dirty jeans
·         T-shirts
·         Cut-offs or any shorts
·         Athletic wear or “sweats”
·         Spandex
·         Leggings
·         Sundresses
·         Halter or tank tops
·         Strapless/backless tops or dresses
·         Flip-flop or sandals
·         Caps or bandanas



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