How to Get a Job in IT

If you need to get a job in IT, you’re a little luckier than most job hunters. IT continues to be a growth industry and demand for qualified people remains strong.

Even so, IT job hunters face challenges that job seekers in other categories don’t. The world of IT is fragmented requiring virtually limitless combinations of skills and experience. In the end, the real problem for anyone trying to get a job in IT is finding the job that is most suitable to their talents, abilities, and situation.

So how does an IT job candidate find the right position?

  • Up-To-Date Skills: If you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period, or if you have been specializing in just one area of IT, updating your skills with additional training will payoff in being qualified for a wider variety of positions, and perhaps more money.
  • Research: You need to research the companies that are offering jobs and research the IT industry for goings on, trends and what’s coming up in the near future. Awareness will set you apart from the other job candidates.
  • Networking: Staying in touch with your friends who are in IT, former colleagues and employers will keep you in touch with the industry and keep your name in the minds of those who may be able to help you. Use both face-to-face and online networking.

Looking for an IT position is itself a job where the actual applying for work, though the most time consuming and most important part, is just one aspect of the job.

The Easier Way to Get a Job in IT

An option that more and more job candidates choose is to register with a personnel agency. While doing so can solve many of the issues around finding the right job, you still need to get some answers before choosing an agency

  • Is the staffing company dedicated to IT or do they just “specialize”?
  • Do they have ongoing IT work?
  • Can you make your own schedule based on full-time placements, part-time or contract positions?
  • Do they offer training, re-training and certification courses so you can update your skills?
  • How long have they been in business?

PeopleToGo is dedicated to developing and maintaining relationships with job candidates in the IT sector. PeopleToGo’s customers range from large multinationals to small, local shops and everything in between. With ongoing training and certification to make sure you are qualified and ready to go when the right job comes along.

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