How to Use Staffing Agencies to Your Advantage

If you don’t know already, you and your business can benefit from learning how to use staffing agencies to your advantage.
Many owners, managers and human resources specialists think of staffing agencies as the more expensive option for finding the personnel they require. But when all of the advantages and benefits are considered, staffing agencies are very often the most cost effective option at hiring time.

  • Job & Industry Knowledge – Many staffing agencies specialize in certain sectors, like IT, and develop a level of expertise that is difficult for in-house human resources to match. Many agency personnel have experience working in the sector they represent. You can use all that knowledge to help you decide exactly what you need in a job candidate.
    No Extra Costs – When you choose a recruitment agency, their rates may seem more expensive than using in-housing recruiting, but when all the costs are accounted for, including overhead, research time, job advertising development and so on, costs are usually comparable and they’re often less expensive. Also, you are less likely to incur unforeseen extra costs when you choose an recruiting specialist.
  • Talent Pool – An employment agency maintains a roster of pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates so, instead of starting the process from scratch, like you would if you managed the hiring process internally, the right service will have good options for you from the moment you call.
  • Employee Turnover – When you use an employment service to find staff, you get the chance to watch the personnel at their jobs without making a commitment. It means you can see if they are absolutely right for the job before you offer them a permanent position. This greatly reduces the chance of hiring the wrong person, which also reduces employee turnover.

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PeopleToGo is owned and operated by IT people and they know how to find the right staff for your needs. Use PeopleToGo to your advantage and save time, money and frustration, while finding better candidates for the job
PeopleToGo is owned and operated by IT people and they know how to find the right staff for your needs.

  • Ongoing Training, Education & Certification – All candidates keep their skills up-to-date and employers are confident their staff have the latest training
  • Ready To Go – Qualified, pre-screened staff are just a phone call away
  • IT Specialists – It’s our business and we know how to quickly find great candidates.

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