How to Write a Proper Resume

Most people write out a resume in the hopes of landing a job. The fact is, you write out your resume to land an interview – the interview gets you the job. You want your resume to be really stand out in the inevitable pile on the recruiter or potential employer’s desk. The last thing you need is a long, boring list of skills and qualifications. Employers want to know what YOU can do for THEM.
PeopleToGo sources and assembles human resource teams for every business. We understand how the recruitment process works and what qualifies as a ‘proper’ resume.
Here are some basics on how to write a good resume:

  • Keep it simple: You do not want to sound like Shakespeare. Stick to using simple, comprehensive language. (You don’t want to sound like a rap artist either, so don’t get casual!)
  • Not too long: Try to write it all within two pages. If your resume runs on for too long, your potential employer might not read it at all.
  • Consistency: With regard to font, format and writing style, make sure you stay consistent and keep the format reader-friendly and tidy.

Best Practices

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A resume is not an exhaustive list of your accomplishments and skills. Our experience at PeopleToGo tell us that it is a carefully thought out, structured document that gives a reader a well-rounded picture of you.

  • Study your Employer: Every resume requires planning. Research your potential employers and try to understand what problems they might have had with previous employees. Prove to them that you are not just another bad choice.
  • Structure: Use a structure you are comfortable with. While it needs to be organized and neat, you have some freedom in terms of font, formatting and the writing style you choose.
  • Headings and Subheadings: In all likelihood, your employer would love nothing more than to skim over your papers. Using effective titles, bold font and bullet points allows your most valuable qualities to stand out.
  • Highlight Benefits: When you write your resume, rather than selling a skill, you need to sell the benefit that you can offer as a result of having that skill.
  • Avoid Photos: Unless you are applying for a job where physical traits are important (like modelling or acting), or the employer has asked for them, do not attach photos.
  • Use Resume Keywords: Pick out relevant keywords from the job description and incorporate them into your resume. This might be helpful if the company uses recruiting management software to screen candidates for job openings.

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