The Factors That Affect Your Information Technology Salary

The big question for most job candidates is “how can I maximize my information technology salary?”
The basic factors are well known:

    • Skills – Your accumulated skills are your product. It’s what employers will pay you for. Generally speaking, the more you have of each one, the more you can expect your IT salary to be.But that’s not a rule. Many IT professionals will attest to gaining some advantage in the job market from having a somewhat unique, hard-to-find skill.

      With ongoing growth and specialization in the IT sector, having that unique skill an employer is looking for can have a significant impact on the salary you can demand.

    • Experience – Clearly someone who has had the opportunity to use their skills in a variety of situations, for different companies and purposes can be more valuable to an employer and, if so, they can expect a higher salary
    • Education – Early in your career, education may be the most important factor in your information technology salary potential. But, as you build experience and your skill set, its role will diminish. However, education should not be underestimated by anyone as it is the factor that is most easily proved and improved.

What many job candidates don’t realize is there are a number of less well known factors that can affect information technology salaries as much as any other.

    • Location – IT salaries will vary from city to city, region to region, based on many factors, including cost-of-living and demand for employees.
    • Company Size – Generally, larger companies have the resources to pay higher IT salaries than smaller companies. Other considerations with larger companies can include benefits, perks and bonuses.
    • Being in the Right Place at the Right Time – Why do some people, without any special or different skills, education and experience, seem to find the perfect job, including higher salary? Most candidates attribute this to luck, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you choose an IT staffing services agency.
Get the Information Technology Salary You Want

By choosing the right IT employment agency, you will improve your chances of having the right skills, education and experience to find the perfect job – at the salary levels you want.
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