What does the Right IT Consulting Firm Look Like?

Whether you offer IT services to your customers, or need them in-house, the IT consulting firm you choose will make a difference far beyond your IT systems.
Too often, IT consultants develop a plan but leave at least part of the fulfillment to you. Ideally, you need an IT consulting firm who can help in the following:

  • The Right Solutions Architecture – Your IT consultant needs to understand the service being delivered and why it makes a difference
  • IT personnel – If your IT consultant knows the right people, the skill-sets needed and how to find them, then you don’t have to.
  • Project Management & Beyond – You need to focus o your business, not be given another task to implement. Find an IT company who can consult and deliver.

So, while it’s easy to find and IT consulting firm, it’s important that they are not just an IT consulting firm.

Spotting the Right IT Consulting Company

The right IT consulting firm knows how to use technology and IT personnel to solve many of the challenges your business faces. Most IT consultants offer services that are “outside” your business. Your consultant of choice should be an extension of your business, or your clients’ business, with a vested interest in the success of the services they provide.
Full Service: As mentioned, unless you have the time, inclination and resources to implement a full IT consultant’s report, the more services your consulting firm can provide, the better. The range of IT services you might need include:

  • Project Management
  • Site Surveys
  • Product Acquisition
  • Cabling/Electrical
  • Installation/Moves
  • Tech Support/Help Desk
  • Deskside Support
  • Maintenance
  • Staging & Logistics
  • Pre-Delivery Support
  • Managed Deployment
  • Warranty services
  • Break/Fix
  • Depot Repair
  • Product Dispositions & Recycling

It’s a long list and it’s still not quite complete because there are two overarching elements to your IT consulting that are most important:

  • Solutions Architecture – Depending on your and your clients’ needs, solutions architects design & develop IT infrastructure support plans that mesh with your corporate strategy, service levels and budget.
  • Technical Documentation – Just as crucial as the architecture, technical documentation of the service delivery, call flow management, software imaging, break/fix and IMAC processes, among others, will help keep your processes flowing after your IT consulting company’s services have been delivered.
A Reliable IT Consulting firm

What if you found an IT consulting firm that offered expert architecture and documentation, all the IT services you might need and were always available when they are needed?
Beginning with consulting for all your IT requirements, your project-based requirements or your single task requirements, DispatchUs is a reliable choice to handle all the IT services you need, from consulting to fulfillment.

  • Guaranteed Fixed Cost Solutions
    It’s simple – you control costs. We’ll tell you what your consulting services will cost and that’s what you’ll pay – guaranteed.
  • Fully Scalable Project Teams
    Custom assembled to your specifications. Professional, qualified and pre-screened service experts.
  • Global Capabilities
    Get the DispatchUs advantage anywhere you need it.

Contact DispatchUs today for a no charge consultation and get the right IT consulting firm working for you. Call 1-800283-5042 or Contact Us for more information.


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