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Choosing IT ContractorsThe job market for information technology continues to grow and it means there is higher demand and more opportunities for IT contractors. Whether you are looking for reliable contractors or are looking for contract work, the continually growing market has many benefits, but it’s not without its problems too. Like how you make sure you take full advantage of the growth in IT.
Choosing IT Contractors
For IT companies, industry growth means more opportunities to grow the business. But you need the right people with the right skills and you know that finding contractors helps fill the gaps to allow your company to move quickly to seize those opportunities. But how do you find the right contractors?

  • Human Resources – Your human resources department can source, interview and pre-screen contractors so they are ready to go when you need them. Too often however, at the moment you need them most, contractors are not available.
  • Advertise – With large pools of contractor talent looking for positions, advertising always gets a response. Unfortunately, from developing the ad to vetting resumes, it can be a lengthy process.
  • Your Network – If you’re fortunate enough, you will have developed a trusted network of contractors you can call on as needed. Even if your first line contacts are not available, they often can recommend others who are. But if you can’t fill the gap through your network, you’ll be starting your search from scratch
  • IT Contractor Agency – Often overlooked due to costs, personnel agencies can actually save you money by eliminating the need to advertise for, find, screen, interview or maintain an available network of reliable people.

Maximizing Your Opportunities as an IT Contractor
While demand is high for IT contractors, it’s difficult to know that you are fully capitalizing on the opportunities. There a number of ways for you to find contracts.

  • Job Searches – The internet has forever changed the way we look for and get contracts. From job sites like Workopolis, to LinkedIn and more specialized job boards, job seeking can be relatively easy for anyone willing to put in the time and effort
  • Your Network – If you’ve been contracting for some time, you may have developed a stable of clients who keep you busy. Unfortunately, with uncertain economies and shifting specializations, there can be lean times even with a reliable network
  • IT Contractor Agencies – If you find the right agency, you can tell them when and where you want to work. Also, look for agencies who offer training so you can keep your skills up-to-date or add new ones to increase your earning potential

The Professional Agency for IT Contractors
Looking for the right people or the right job? PeopleToGo is your IT contractor specialist.

  • Ongoing Training, Education & Certification – Job seekers keep their skills up-to-date and employers are confident their staff have the latest training
  • Choose Your Schedule – Contract, full-time, part-time
  • Ready To Go – Qualified, pre-screened contractors are just a phone call away
  • IT Specialists – Owned and operated by IT people

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