Getting the IT Management Services You Need

The IT management services delivery company you choose must solve a variety of IT delivery issues that your business faces:

    • Fixed-rate solutions – Competition is tough and cost overruns can wipeout profit margins
    • Skill Sets – You need a specific combination of IT skills to manage each project efficiently and effectively
    • Flexibility – Delivering services in remote locations, sourcing specific IT experience and having end-to-end service capacity

Many companies that offer IT management services on a project basis will claim to be able to meet all of these requirements. Your risk is that, if they cannot, it’s your business, reputation and bottom line that are at stake.
The following five criteria will help you choose the best IT management services delivery company for your next project:

    • Ownership – Does the ownership group of the company have actual IT management experience, or are they just specialized HR people
    • Testimonials – It’s simple: if they cannot produce a number of positive testimonials, from real people and companies, about the specific services you need, then look elsewhere
    • History – Acquiring IT experience and expertise takes time. If the IT services company has just set-up shop, there’s a good chance they are trying to cash-in on a trend
    • Guarantee – If you’re looking for a fixed-cost solution, then get it guaranteed and lock-in your margins
    • Partnership – Your IT service delivery company must understand your business realities and your customers’ needs, and work with you to meet both.

From technical consulting to IT product disposition, the IT management services your business requires can vary depending on your customers’ specifications or your desire to open new markets. Taking the time to choose the right IT services supplier will improve your customer service, and your bottom line.



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