IT Product Disposition & Recycling Services

Your customer’s business relies on data and keeping that data secure is an ongoing top priority. So what happens when your customer asks you to dispose of or recycle their IT equipment?

You Need the DispatchUs IT Disposition & Recycling Services

Data security might be most important, but the safe and legal disposal of IT equipment is the law and your customers’ reputation depends on it. DispatchUs knows and we have managed the secure, environmentally friendly disposition and recycling of IT equipment for companies of all sizes:

  On-site Data Erasure – Data never leaves the site

  Certificates of Data Destruction – Ensures no data remains on lease-returns or resold equipment

  Recycling – Identify and recycle obsolete equipment

  Environmental Law Compliance – Documented environmentally compliant e-waste

  End-to-End Service – From on-site consultation and prep to documented resolution

When you choose the DispatchUs IT Disposition & Recycling Service not only do you provide an important and complex service to your customers, but you save on the expense and resources needed to develop, manage and maintain your own IT dispositions and recycling capacity.


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