Outsourcing IT Project Management

If your business is to provide IT services, outsourcing IT project management can offer a number of advantages you may not have considered.
As a good partner for your customers, you have either fulltime resources available for the services you offer and/or a reliable network of contacts you can use to fill gaps in capacity or to meet any requirements that may be outside your core expertise.

Staying Competitive

woman on black laptopYou know how rapidly the IT landscape changes and, along with it, the demands of your customers. It means that many businesses like yours spend a significant amount of time and resources developing, updating and/or hiring new or extended capacity. Problems arise when the landscape changes yet again and there is not as much demand as expected for the capacity you devoted so much effort to create.
So how do you remain competitive? How can you meet the evolving IT needs of your customers without spending most of your time on new resources instead of on what you do best?

The Advantages of Outsourcing

When your customers’ specifications go beyond your company’s capacity to meet them, you can save the time and resources needed to fill the gap, and reduce the risks of doing so by outsourcing the IT services. This is particularly advantageous for clearly defined jobs that you can hand-off in whole to an outsourced team.
What happens when you do? Many companies don’t realize all the benefits they can enjoy when they outsource an entire IT project:

  • Instant expertise and capacity – Imagine being able to put a viable proposal into your customers hands “tomorrow morning”
  • Expansion without risk – If you are not sure that you are ready to take your business in a certain direction, go there first with an outsourced team so you don’t have to commit valuable time and resources until you are sure they will be well spent
  • Eliminate cost overruns – When you “fill gaps” with your own resources, it’s difficult to ensure they are well suited and, when they are not, you continue to fill gaps – and spend more money. Letting someone else assume the risk of delivering your project means you don’t have to – and you don’t have to worry about filling any more gaps

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