Take in Control When Choosing IT Recruitment Agencies

The IT recruitment agency you choose is increasingly important as the IT job market continues to evolve and job positions fragment into ever more specialized roles.
The result for many employment agencies is that they are either too general; IT is just one of a number of industries they serve, or they are too specific; mostly new agencies with resources enough to only meet the needs of a limited number of employers and job descriptions.
For job candidates, it means taking care to choose the right IT recruitment firm to meet their needs.

    • IT Specialists – Of course, if you’re a candidate for an IT job, you know to at least consider a recruitment agency that specializes in IT. The problem is, you will find almost no end to the number of agencies, from large multi-nationals to boutique specialists, who claim to be “IT Placement Specialists”.If you develop one skill as a job candidate, it should be to learn to spot the true specialists. The best way to do so is – as the title of this article suggests – take control. Ask your recruitment contact about his or her background in IT. If there is none, ask about the agency’s background. Exactly why are they IT specialists? If it is only because they happen to fill more IT positions than positions in another profession, then they are not true IT specialists.

      In a nutshell, choose and IT recruitment agency whose ownership or employees have a background in IT. They will better understand your needs and be better able to meet them

    • Flexibility – Again, many employment agencies claim to be flexible when it comes to meeting your criteria for the position you seek. But the truly flexible agencies will meet your requirements on every level:
    • Size – It matters for IT agencies. The only way for a recruitment company to be truly specialized and be flexible enough to meet your criteria for a job is if they have the resources, backing and business network to do so.
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