Getting IT Service Management Right

ITSMOften misunderstood, the practice of IT service management is focused on IT systems processes as they relate to the enterprise and the quality of services provided to its customers.

Unlike most IT disciplines, ITSM is not primarily focused on technology, but relates to technology in that it can improve a company’s approach to product and service delivery and improve the relationship with the customer.

IT service management is generally centred on IT management for back office operations, or operations architecture.

ITSM processes often begin with audits of existing processes, systems architecture and IT services, looking at four key performance indicators:

Value & Revenue Growth – measuring the growth in revenue versus the IT investment

Budget Parameters – Reducing cost overruns and allotting budget in the right areas

Risk Analysis – Examining the effect of risks encountered or avoided

Customer Communication – Looking at customer feedback, satisfaction, and awareness

Audit results give management a snapshot of a variety of business processes that they can use to identify, analyze and improve areas of concern.

Advantages of IT Management Services

While the mere re-focusing of efforts to improve processes and the customer’s experience is in itself a major benefit of ITSM, specific benefits are quite varied and include:

  • Integration & Centralization of Processes – Eliminates redundant work, improves resource utilization and simplifies process management
  • Revised Performance Indicators – Reflecting process effectiveness
  • Clear understanding of technology and human resource structures
  • Scalability – ITSM makes it easier for the business to adjust to frequent and rapid change
  • Changes Business Environment – From a technology-based culture to a service-based culture
  • Faster product and service turnaround times
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction – Resulting in higher customer retention which reduces advertising, sales and lead generation costs
Options for IT Service Management

A successful ITSM effort requires dedicated expertise. Businesses can either recruit and maintain their own internal ITSM resources or they may choose to outsource their ITSM, which can reduce costs and ensure up-to-date best practices are used.

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