IT Job Services

Job services are a helpful resource in your job search. While a variety of services have always been available to jobseekers, the internet has revolutionized the number and variety of services along with the ease at which the services can be accessed.

Finding Job Services

Traditionally, all levels of government have been good sources for a variety of services for jobseekers, especially in the area of job retraining, but they are not your only source.

  • Employer – Many progressive companies offer a variety of services for employees forced to leave the company. Often, better benefits packages will also let employees’ spouses or other family members take advantage of the job services that come with the package.
  • Online Services – As mentioned, the internet has revolutionized job services with the most famous examples being Workopolis and Monster. In addition to job listings, the services available on web sites include advice on how to search for work, interview skills and the latest ways to find jobs, including using social media.
  • Personnel Agencies – Always on the look-out for job candidates, personnel agencies are hungry for good people and will help you prepare for any positions they have.
Finding IT Job Services

While many personnel agencies and staffing companies are industry-specific, when it comes to IT, those seeking a new position often find it difficult to find job services focused on their industry.

Larger staffing companies might have an IT department listing only IT jobs, but the services available can often be general.

Smaller IT staffing companies will have lots of IT-related help and services, but often the jobs they offer are limited in scope or restricted to a specific geographic area.

When researching IT staffing companies, candidates should keep in mind the following to identify the best ones to approach:

  • Do they have jobs from outside your area? You might not be interested in moving, but it’s a good sign of a solid, well-established company.
  • Do they have flexible opportunities? You may need to work from home, or only during certain hours, so find an employment company that can work with you.
  • Do they offer training and certification? Your IT expertise needs to be kept up-to-date or you may need to add new skills.

The attributes above might not be the only signs of a good company.

Perhaps the best question to ask is: “does this company offer the job services I need and care enough about me to fit my schedule and improve my skills?”.

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