How to Use Social Media Channels Such As LinkedIn for Recruiting

Online media is one of the most powerful recruitment tools available today. In this competitive, fast-paced world, knowing how to leverage social media channels such as LinkedIn for recruiting IT staff can prove highly beneficial.
PeopleToGo shows you the best ways to use LinkedIn in to fulfill your IT staffing needs:

  • Market Your Company: LinkedIn is a two-way communication forum. To use it effectively you need to put yourself out there by posting accomplishments, top employees, employee benefits, etc. Just make sure it doesn’t sound like you are bragging!
  • Passive Candidates: Most recruiters only look at active candidates. Keep an eye out for passive candidates as well. Just because someone isn’t looking for a job, doesn’t mean that they won’t accept a better one when it comes along.
  • Join Groups: There is plenty of scope to find the right candidate on LinkedIn. This includes joining other groups to get access to more profiles. It’s a free resource on LinkedIn and a great opportunity to find someone with relevant interests.
  • Keep in Touch: LinkedIn is an excellent platform to keep in touch with former, valued colleagues. They could send some very good IT candidates your way, so remember to keep in touch.

Things to Avoid

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Like every other recruitment platform, one has to be careful when using LinkedIn. Some things to avoid when using LinkedIn for recruiting IT staff:

  • Weak Networks: People often believe that a large network is a strong network. This is not true. When expanding your online network, don’t accept just anybody. Make sure you only include people who are relevant, even if that means you have a smaller network.
  • Avoid Inappropriate Language: LinkedIn is a forum for professionals to get connected. Do not use slang or beat about the bush. Crisp, clear messages with a specific communication goal are the way to go.
  • Regular Updates: Don’t use LinkedIn only when you need to fill an urgent position. Update your profile regularly and study your competitors’ profiles when you are not interested in hiring. This will be beneficial in the long run.

With plenty of experience in IT staffing and recruitment, PeopleToGo has tons of ideas about using social media to hire quality candidates. You can count on us to find you the most suitable candidates for any position; especially in the IT staffing area.
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