How to Choose the Right IT Placement Agency

If you’re looking for an IT placement agency, you are either an IT job candidate or an IT employer.
Candidates use agencies to find the right employer – Job hunting is no one’s favourite pastime. From trying to find the right resumé format to nail-biting over interviews, it’s stressful at best.
Fortunately for IT candidates, their job market has remained healthy through economic ups and downs. But that creates another problem: choosing the right offer from the crowd. Agencies can help candidates find the right employer.
Employers use agencies to find the right candidate – Filling positions is no one’s favorite pastime. No series of interviews, checks and tests will ensure that a candidate is right, or even capable of doing a certain job.
With demand for quality IT personnel consistently high, using an IT placement agency is a good way for employers to avoid the often tigme-consuming task of finding, qualifying and hiring candidates.
Whether you are an employer or a candidate, your task is to find the right placement agency.
For employers, the right placement agency is the one who solves the most business issues:

    • Cost – Many businesses hesitate to use placement agencies because of the perceived cost and potential cost overruns. Look for an agency that offers fixed-cost solutions so you can keep costs under control
    • Scalability – One of the biggest challenges in finding human resources for a particular project is determining the exact resource need. Make sure your agency offers a scalable solution.
    • Flexibility – Yet another human resource challenge is finding the right combination of skills, in a candidate who fits the corporate culture. The right agency will have many suitable candidates for every position.

Job candidates will want an agency that can best meet their work/life balance.

    • Choose your placements – Your agency should be able to find the sort of work you want, including one that fits your schedule, skill sets and location parameters
    • Improve your skills – Especially in IT, it’s important to keep your skills up-to-date or to choose an area in which you would like to expand your skills.
    • Get paid fast – If you had the time, desire and resources to wait around for payments, you would have much less need for an agency. Find one that pays you on time and let them worry about receivables.
Employers & Candidates Need a Dependable, Full-Service Placement Agency

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