Preventative Maintenance

End customers know that a comprehensive preventative maintenance program will help them avoid the computer hardware and software breakdowns that can affect their business in so many ways. Not only does it often mean costly data-loss, equipment repair or replacement, but productivity slips, projects are interrupted and business can be destabilized.

It’s what makes the Preventative Maintenance services you offer critical to your customer’s business. But what happens when you don’t have the in-house resources to properly execute the preventative maintenance programs you administer – or you can’t develop new business because you don’t have the resources?

DispatchUs Preventative Maintenance Services

Now you and your customers can have the experienced, skilled and reliable preventative maintenance service needed to avoid business interruption – and you can free-up in-house resources to focus on core priorities or to generate new business.

Your DispatchUs Preventative Maintenance team can work with residential, industrial and commercial customers of all sizes, and in even remote locations, to deliver a braod range of preventative maintenance services:

  Anti-virus and Spyware & Malware Protection

  Backups and Recovery – Including strategies that fit the realitites of the business and help maximize uptime and protect data

  Regular Hard Disk Maintenance – Including disk defragmentation and performance optimization

  OS Version & Security Updates – Take advantage of the built-in protection that comes with more recent software releases

  Computer File Management – Ensure only active and useful files are maintained and extraneous files
are removed

  Cooling System Inspection and Maintenance – Keep hardware cool and it lasts longer

  Systems Review – Manage hardware lifecycles and redundancy and manage your maintenance costs

According to your specifications, your DispatchUs Preventative Maintenance team will have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to get the job done to your expectations and within your budget. – Updates and scans to minimize the risk of infection, downtime and data loss


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