Service Provider Financial Portal

DU Financial Portal Instructions


DispatchUs (DU) has designed and developed its own web based Service Provider Financial Portal.


DU’s Financial Portal is a dynamic web-based solution that allows Service Providers to view calls completed, paid and calls to be paid.


Portal Registration


  •   Step 1: Service Providers will need to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it requesting for a Financial Portal account setup.
  •   Step 2: Service Providers will receive an email that allows them to create a profile in our software. Service Providers will create their own password but the username will always be their email address. Upon logging in, they will have access to the Financial Portal.


They will be able to view all calls assigned to them as well as those that they have run and closed and have been paid for. They will also be able to see the calls that they’ve run and been paid for along with those that they haven’t yet.


View when you Log in to your Financial Portal



Views Visible to Service Providers


DU Service Providers have access to the following views on the left hand side of the application home page:


Tech Calls – Open: View calls that have been assigned but not closed.
Tech Calls – Closed: View calls that have been run and closed.
Tech Calls – Paid: View calls that have been run, closed, paid or being processed for payment. Each closed call will also have a separate invoice generated for it eliminating the need for you to submit a soft copy invoice. This will speed up the turnaround time for payment.
Tech Calls – Not Paid: View calls that have been run, closed, but are not yet paid or being processed for payment.
My Profile: Some fields cannot be edited here, except for your email address and phone number. Each technician is responsible for ensuring all the info in their registration portal profile is up-to-date and accurate. Failure to do so could have an impact on our ability to pay you on time.


Call Flow Process


Service Providers will be assigned to service calls using the Service Dispatch System (separate from this system). Once calls are closed on that system, calls will be transferred to the Financial Portal (this system) ONLY if calls are closed in the Service Dispatch System before Sunday night, midnight.


Calls not closed in the Call Dispatch System will NOT appear in the Financial Portal for payment processing.


After a call is completed, the Service Provider will be required to close the call in the Service Dispatch System immediately. Please remember that Service Providers will only be paid for calls they complete and close in the Service Dispatch System.


Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions # 20 to see the payment processing schedule for year 2011/2012.


View of Calls



Calls transferred to the DU Financial Portal will automatically generate an invoice for that call that will in turn be processed for payment within the agreed upon terms.


Consequently, the Service Providers that have registered in the Service Dispatch Portal and the DU Financial Portals will no longer have to email or mail an invoice to a District Transaction Specialist or Project Coordinator. This will help speed up the turnaround time for payment.


Work orders or sign off forms will still need to be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Technician Invoice



The invoice will have all the required information for billing purposes including the proper tax calculations.


CRA / Income tax Filling:


As independent contractors (incorporated, sole proprietor or registered), you are not entitled to receive a year end T4 or calls paid list.  It is your responsibility as a business owner to print calls paid to you from the DU Financial Portal on a weekly or monthly basis.  NOTE: Calls paid are archived every 4 months and will no longer be available for your viewing beyond that time period.


We also recommend you sign up to ePost, a Canada Post free service that will allow you to get electronic remittance deposit stubs to help you reconcile what calls were paid to you on a specific deposit date.  Please click on the ePost link in the Resource Center section of your Registration Portal and follow sign up instructions.




DU Service Providers can log questions, issues, or complaints securely and discretely by clicking on the Have an Issue or Problem you Want to Report – Click Here button near the top right corner of the Call Management home page.



pdf-icon Service Providers Financial Portal Instructions


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