How to Find Small Business IT Support

If you have a small business, IT support can be a big problem.
Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietorship, small partnership or have a limited number of employees, your company still must perform most if not all of the functions of a large corporation.
From accounting to sales and everything in between, smaller companies must do them all and it often ends up being the job of the owner.
But unless the company owner has a background in computer technology, taking care of even the smallest IT task is usually beyond the capabilities of the vast majority of business owners.
Even companies that have some in-house IT expertise, it is usually focused on creating and maintaining products and services for customers and not on internal systems.
Outsourcing Your IT Requirements

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Most owners understand that IT is an essential part of almost any business and that, based on the lack of in-house resources, outsourcing is a good option.
But how do you find reliable outsourcing? Due to the demand for contracted IT services, there are many small “basement bobs” that provide commercial technology services.
Unfortunately, a common problem is that the true scale of the required services does not become fully known until after contracts are signed. The result is added expense, downtime and lost opportunities.
The Problem and the Solution
DispatchUs maintains ready IT support for businesses of all sizes. Our personnel are trained, qualified and experienced in the IT services you need, so you’ll avoid the bad surprises. Best of all, when you choose DispatchUs, you know what it will cost upfront, guaranteed.

  • Guaranteed Fixed Cost Solutions: With DispatchUs, you will never pay more than you were quoted.
  • Fast & Flexible: A problem doesn’t wait to be fixed. Sometimes you need help right now. They’re waiting for your call at DispatchUs.
  • Fully Scalable: The personnel you need for the job, regardless of the size.

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