How to Use Social Media to Recruit Qualified Staff

It is the 21st century and social media offers you opportunities like never before. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, there’s no doubt that in today’s competitive world, more companies are using social media to target candidates. An ideal networking tool, social media is increasingly becoming a necessity for recruitment. See this interesting Infographic below:
social media graph
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Here is a little advice that could point you in the right direction:

  • Choose each network carefully: It’s important that you understand how each networking site functions. While LinkedIn offers you a giant jobs board to connect to other professionals focussed on the business world, Facebook connects friends and family, besides business associates. Therefore, recruiters must approach each network individually.
  • Work quickly: If you are using the Internet as a recruiting tool, you will soon learn that users of online social networks interact at an exceedingly fast pace. Stay alert and look out for updates that require immediate responses.
  • Social Media is the first step: Using social media is simply the first step in a long recruitment process. Use online networks to find target candidates, but stick to your regular interview processes once you have your top choices.

What the Future Holds

Social media is revolutionising the business world across the globe. Ironically, recruiting via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is simply going back to the basics – networking. The only difference is the adaptation to the digital age. There appears to be an explosive growth of social networking sites over the past few years that makes it hard for recruiters to ignore. For those who haven’t started yet, it’s about time you experiment with these new recruiting methods if you don’t want to be left behind.
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