Improving Your Technology Staffing Resources

What are your technology staffing resources? If you’re lucky, you can maintain in-house staff that meets your needs for an extended length of time. But it’s a major task for many IT companies to sustain that sort of staffing stability, for many reasons.

  • Customer Demands – Your customers depend on you to have the latest solutions
  • Skill Set Requirements – Software and hardware platforms change constantly
  • Business Cycles – Your markets and your customer’s markets can be unpredictable
Your Technology Staffing Resources Toolbox

Just as maintaining steady IT staffing levels can be a tough job, maintaining reliable, “go to” staffing resources, ready when you need them, means most IT companies use a multi-channel approach, including many of the following resources:

  • In-House and Extended Network – IT companies often rely on their own network of contract and temporary IT staff; people they worked with, know and trust, to fill the gaps. Extended networks can include staff recommended by trusted sources
  • Job Boards/Ads – From traditional print media to IT web forums, there’s a number of ways to find and hire your own staff
  • IT Staffing Agencies – If you establish a good working relationship with the right IT personnel agency, this can be your most reliable staffing resource

Even if a company succeeds in maintaining a variety of staffing resources, it doesn’t mean they won’t have the traditional problems of finding and hiring new staff.

  • Downtime – Perhaps the worst staffing problem of all is the length of time it takes to find and hire the right staff.
  • The Wrong Fit – The right IT personnel have a combination of hard and soft skills that allows them to understand technology and also fit the corporate environment.
  • Unreliable Resources – When an IT candidate or agency cannot deliver as promised, or on demand, you business pays the price.
Your Technology Staffing Resources Toolbox

The silver lining for any business who has suffered IT staffing issues is they understand the consequences, as listed above, and have a better idea how to avoid them.
Your bottom-line and your customer’s satisfaction are your top priorities and, once you find a staffing resource that has the same focus, then you’ve found your best option.
Whether you are looking for contract or full-time positions, PeopleToGo maintains a network of literally thousands of trained, certified IT professionals with the right skills and experience to meet your requirements.
And they will do a lot more:

  • Ongoing Training, Education & Certification– Your PeopleToGo IT personnel will have the up-to-date skill sets you need
  • Fit Your Schedule – Whether you’re looking for a temporary replacement to fill an unexpected staffing gap, a contract position to deliver a project or you want to expand your business with full-time placements, PeopleToGo has the right IT personnel ready to go
  • Save Money – From reducing your recruiting costs to managing payroll, PeopleToGo makes it easy and reduces your costs at the same time.

Contact PeopleToGo today for a no charge consultation and let them show you how to heve the right technology staffing resources. Call 1-800-283-5042 or Contact Us for more information.


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