Good Customer Service = A Great Marketing Tool

Do you spend long hours and big money on expensive ad campaigns and boring customer appreciation get-togethers? At PeopleToGo, we know that good customer service is an extremely powerful, yet often overlooked, tool in your marketing arsenal.
Here are some key best practices that will help improve your customer service:

  • Feedback: Possibly the most important aspect of running any business is getting and respecting customer feedback. Request feedback frequently, if not after every interaction. It will help you serve them better.
  • Communicate Your Advantages: Highlight a product or service from your portfolio that will benefit your customers and publicize it appropriately. For instance, an auto shop that picks up and drops off vehicles at the customer’s door or a bank that is open two extra hours on Sundays are bound to be extremely popular.

Things to Avoid

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Building your enterprise is all about understanding what your customers need and then delivering to their expectation. Make sure there is a constant line of communication between your customers and you. A few things that one has to avoid while trying to maintain good customer relations:

  • False Promises: When you promise your customers something, make sure you deliver. Customers talk about their bad experiences more than their good experiences – don’t give them that chance.
  • The Proverbial Phone Tree: An automated phone system can disappoint your customers if there is never the hope of speaking to a live person. Sometimes customers have unique queries or problems and need to talk to you rather than your answering machine or phone tree.
  • Sales Pitch: A hard core sales pitch is a big no-no. Have a conversation with your customer – listen to their needs and offer a real solution that will benefit them.
  • Competition: Never badmouth your competition. Rather than pull your competition down, you need to rise above. Come up with a plan to be better than them, and customers will be happy to deal with you.

At PeopleToGo, we handle recruitment and staffing for various industries and we’ve learned a thing or two about customer service best practices. Find out how PeopleToGo can help you today.


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