Why Your Business Needs to Migrate to Windows 10

After January 2020, Microsoft will cease supporting Windows 7, meaning Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates or software fixes for this operating system. With Microsoft no longer having strategic interest in keeping Windows 7 current with patches, 3rd party software providers will likely not provide security patches or fixes for this or previous operating system versions. Upgrading to the new Windows 10 software will ensure maximum protection from threats such as viruses and other malware.

How PeopleToGo (PTG) Can Help

With PeopleToGo’s 17+ years of experience, we are experts in providing Microsoft based technology solutions across Canada. PTG has the unique ability to source different types of IT talent to help your business define, design, implement, and support any Windows 10 migration solution or strategy.

1. Business Analysts – gather business requirements needed from stakeholders

2. Solution Architects/Engineers – design the technical solution and build out the image(s) that run on the end user’s workstations (PCs/laptops)

3. Application Testers/Packagers – test existing applications to ensure compatibility with Windows 10

4. Excel/Access Consultants – convert macros and queries from previous versions to Windows 10

5. Project Managers/Coordinators – build out the end-to-end project deliverables including processes, milestones, and the deployment schedule

6. Technicians – the hands-and-feet that deploy the Windows 10 solution and provide support to the end users

Why PeopleToGo?

  • Extensive Experience with Windows based Solutions: PTG has extensive experience with Microsoft migrations and has successfully delivered 1000+ onsite Windows upgrade, deployment and migration projects for companies of all sizes from small-to-medium businesses to large enterprise in many different verticals:
    o Financial services, including banking, insurance carriers, and wealth management organizations
    o Government, including federal, provincial, and municipal
    o Manufacturing
    o Business services, including professional services such as accounting, legal, engineering, and consulting
    o Healthcare, including primary care, provincial, and municipal health agencies
    o Energy, including upstream and downstream oil and gas as well as utilities
    o Retail and wholesale


  • Wholesale Model: We sell our services exclusively to technology service organizations who then resell the resources or service/solution to their clients.
    o PTG does not sell its services to the end client community, thus creating no competition with our customers.
    o PTG delivers its services under our customer’s distinct brand – we are an extension of your resourcing and service delivery capabilities across Canada.
    o PTG wins the business only if our customer does! We price to ensure you win the deal and make the margin you’re looking for, win-win.


  • True National Coverage:
    o PeopleToGo has between 500 to 700+ technology resources working locally for our customers in every province and territory on a daily basis. Migration projects span nationwide with locations across Canada and units in the tens of thousands.


  • Virtual Bench:
    o PeopleToGo has many different types of technology resources in our pool ranging from Technicians to Business Analysts, Engineers, Architects, Microsoft SMEs, Application Developers, Project Managers, etc.


  • We have Hourly & Fixed Rate Solutions:
    o PeopleToGo works with our customers and their clients in a consultative fashion to gather requirements and help architect and implement different types of services or solutions to meet their needs. We can provide an hourly solution, a fixed rate solution, or do a hybrid of the two.

Whatever your requirement, wherever they are needed, 24/7, PeopleToGo is your one-stop-shop for your technology resourcing needs in Canada.

We guarantee it!