​Our Story

PeopleToGo was formed in 2000 to provide the IT industry with a reliable, sustainable, and quality on-demand resourcing solution to the expanding technology skills gap. With an increasing demand for skilled talent that often outweighs the supply, coupled with the amount of digital transformation organizations are undertaking, companies of all sizes face challenges securing the resources they require to manage their own technology needs and support their customers.

In addition to specializing in IT staffing, PeopleToGo is also experts at providing deliverable based technology services or solutions that we help to coordinate and manage to a successful business outcome.

The depth of our experience in helping companies across Canada and the US align the right IT resources with their specific technology needs is the core of what we do.

Whether an hourly staffing engagement or a fixed rate service contract or project, our experience help separates PeopleToGo from our competition in terms of coverage, capabilities, and value.  

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Our Value Proposition

We Don't Compete With You

We sell our services to technology companies and IT stakeholders but NOT to your customers. We do not sell hardware or software but compliment and augment your technology resourcing and service needs, billed hourly or under a fixed rate model.

White Labelled

We deliver services under your distinct brand and become an extension of your resourcing
and service delivery capabilities across North America.

Your Success is Our Success

Our partner enablement model means we win ONLY when YOU win. We provide “wholesale” pricing that allows companies to be competitive and positions them to win business while making healthy margins.

New Service Offerings

We consistently monitor technology industry trends and look for opportunities to create new service offerings that add value that our customers then brand as their own.

Consultative Solutioning

We take the time to understand our customers’ businesses and their resourcing and IT needs along with the outcomes they expect which helps us align the right people, services, or solution at the right time and at the right price.

Business Review Reporting

On a quarterly or semi-annual basis, we provide customers with a business review report showing key data points, metrics and KPIs, financials, strategic action items, as well as an update on any objectives we we're working towards together.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings over 90%

Ready to Chat?

Our focus at PeopleToGo is to utilize a consultative approach to understand each customer’s business challenges from a resourcing and technology perspective and then customize a solution to help them achieve their desired business outcomes.

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of Customers Utilize our Services Repeatedly

Social Initiatives

PeopleToGo is invested in enacting positive change within our community through the active participation of social initiatives. Our goal is to positively impact social change to help improve society and to look for solutions that will assist in those improvements.

Let's make change happen, together.

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PeopleToGo's managing partner and his son proudly wear an orange shirt for orange shirt day - a cause that supports Indigenous communities
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