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Using PeopleToGo’s pools of skilled technology labour, DispatchUs is the on-demand project and field services division providing deliverable based onsite technology services under a Time & Material (T&M) or fixed rate billing models.

DispatchUs helps companies build, implement, and support technology services and solutions 7 days/week. Our Project Management Office manages all project based work which includes installation, refresh (install/de-install), in place migrations, and software upgrades (Windows 10 as an example). Our Dispatch Team coordinates all onsite services after a technology solution has been implemented.

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Core Services


Deploying IT hardware, electro-mechanical equipment, consumer electronics, and desktop applications.


Relocating hardware from one spot to another in the same building.


Installing new components and peripherals like memory or an external drive.


Modifying settings, functionality, or removing components or


Disposing of hardware in a responsible and environmentally friendly fashion.

Break-Fix Maintenance

Troubleshooting and resolving issues with hardware that’s under warranty or out of warranty. This business is typically governed by a service level agreement (SLA).

Deskside Support

Dispatching a technician to the user’s workspace to help troubleshoot and remediate a desktop hardware, desktop
software, or networking problem.

Preventative Maintenance

On a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, dispatch a technical resource to perform diagnostic tests on hardware and clean it up to help ensure optimal performance throughout its life cycle. This is very common with POS hardware (point-of-sale), kiosks, and printers.

Smart Hands

A technician is dispatched
to perform services under the direction of a remote resource. While this service can be used for any type of hardware, it’s commonly used for infrastructure-based
work for servers, storage, and networking.

Asset Inventory

Onsite gathering of information on hardware and software assets: make/models #s, serial #, software version, etc.

Project Coordination / Management

Help to manage an IT project or deliverable which can include pre-deployment activities like site readiness checks, asset management/inventory counts, parts/logistical coordination, and the development of a schedule in addition to all deployment related functions and reporting.

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Top 10

Provided Services to all 10 of Canada’s Top Retailers under our White Labelled Model

Pricing Models

Time & Material

Hourly pricing can be inclusive of travel (blended) and broken down by skill set, site/zone/geography, and after-hours and weekends.

Fixed Rate

Invoices Per:

  • Asset/SKU

  • Site

  • Project

  • Service Call


Bank of Hours: A specific amount is invoiced upfront and the customer draws from it as required.

Monthly Maintenance Charge Charge per asset/month for ongoing services

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