PTG Case Study #3

Synopsis: PeopleToGo improves staff efficiency and reduces operating costs for a large, national company by reducing field costs, streamlining project teams and increasing staff utilization.

Client Overview: The customer is a large national Value Added Reseller with annual sales over $600 million.

The Challenge: The customer used a full-time, Toronto-based team of specialists for technical installations throughout Ontario. The inconsistencies of the workload, the remote location of assignments and an inefficient management structure all contributed to low staff utilization. The client needed to improve their competitiveness by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The PeopleToGo Solution: Potential areas of savings and increased efficiency were identified by PeopleToGo using a comprehensive costing analysis. As a result of the analysis, existing personnel were outsourced to PeopleToGo. Poor performers were removed from the mix, the excessive management structure of the installation teams was removed and travel costs eliminated as PeopleToGo sourced top quality personnel in all the locations required.

The Result: Through outsourcing personnel on a project basis, staff utilization increased between 60% and 100%. Using staff from the locations where they were needed reduced travel costs by up to 100%. The customer ended up with an On-Demand staff of high quality project workers.

As the leader in technology staffing, PeopleToGo was able to streamline the installation teams and reduce excess staff, resulting in a payroll decrease of 40% in field costs for our client. The customer was able to meet or exceeded all targets for the project including lower costs and increased efficiency.

Overall, PeopleToGo improved their clients market competitiveness through higher service levels resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased value offerings.



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