Direct People Placement for IT

Staffing or recruiting agencies that offer direct people placement can be a valuable asset for your business. Or they can cost you a lot of money, downtime and embarrassment.
If you can rely on a personnel agency to find solid candidates, who have the right skills, at the right price, then clearly that agency will benefit your business. At the other end of the spectrum, if there are delays in finding people, skills are not up to date or the staff don’t quite “fit”, then the cost of starting your recruiting cycle again means you might as well do it yourself from the start.
However, before you decide whether to use an external source for direct placement, make sure you consider all the possible benefits; even those beyond finding the right candidate:

  • Save money – Clearly, if you are able to find the right direct placement solution, you will not incur the expense of sourcing, qualifying and screening job candidates
  • Save time – By avoiding recruitment time and having the staffing you need when you need them, you have more time to focus on what you do best
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – With a dependable staffing solution, you can focus on your customer
Identifying the Best Direct People Placement Solution

Your challenge is to spot the right staffing company before you actually use them. You must eliminate the guessing game because it is too costly and time-consuming.
There are a number of criteria you can use that will help you find the right option:

    • Specialization – If you need a direct placement for IT, why would you choose an agency that doesn’t specialize in IT? An IT specialist knows more about the issues you face and knows better how to solve them.
    • Talent Resource – Too many personnel agencies wait for your call to begin searching for a suitable candidate. The right agency will be ready to go when you call, with:
  • An existing pool of qualified candidates
  • IT people with the hard skills you require and the soft skills you appreciate
  • The flexibility to deliver contract, part-time, full-time direct placements wherever they are required
  • Well Managed – Look for a proven management team, made up of IT people who understand the challenges your business faces, with a demonstrable history of solving the direct people placement issues you face.

Whether you are looking for part-time, contract or full-time direct people placement, PeopleToGo maintains a network of literally thousands of trained, certified IT professionals with the right skills and experience to meet your requirements.
And they will do a lot more:

  • Ongoing Training, Education & Certification– Your PeopleToGo IT personnel will have the up-to-date skill sets you need
  • IT Staffing Specialists – PeopleToGo understands IT and understands your business, so we know how to meet and exceed your IT personnel requirements
  • The Right Management Team – PeopleToGo is owned and managed by IT people who know what it means toned the right people and what it takes to find them

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