Installation & Moves

IMACs (installs, moves, adds and changes) are a constant in IT. Upgrading hardware or software and scaling systems for expansion, your customers will constantly need IMAC support. Sooner or later, you will get a call for one or more of the following services:

  New equipment prep
  Hardware setup & installation
  Disk formatting & cleaning
  Install new OS, software & drivers
  Install boards, memory & peripherals
  Network setup & connections
  Disassembly & reconfiguration

It’s time for DispatchUs IMAC Services. Whether it’s a complex enterprise-wide, roll out, network set-up, or a simple TV monitor installation, let DispatchUs trained and specialized personnel take care of your IMAC commitments so you can:

  Reduce installation costs
  Increase productivity through minimal interuptions
  Keep in-house resources on core priorities
  Have Professional project management
  Improve ROI
  Have more time and resources to expand your business.

DispatchUs is ready when you need us, outside normal business hours, in remote locations across the country and around the world. Your business will benefit from the additional customer satisfaction and value-added services you can offer with qualified IMAC teams and project management from DispatchUs.


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