What does the Right IT Consulting Firm Look Like?

For service providers, IT business consulting is an opportunity to focus on your core strengths while offering value-added services to your customers.
IT services can be broad in scope and the most costly, highest risk part is maintaining sufficient resources to continuously offer full service while driving enough business to keep those resources operating at a profitable capacity.
There are three main IT service components that a service delivery company can use to determine where they have an existing need or potential future requirement, based on the demands of their marketplace.

  • Architecture – Designing and creating the right IT infrastructure, deployment & support plan that fits with your customers’ business structure, strategy and budget is crucial to the success of any IT system. If the architecture isn’t right, the system will never be right.
  • Documentation – Increasingly, customer RFPs include detailed specifications for the technical documentation of the service delivery, call flow management, software imaging, break/fix & IMAC processes and your ability to meet and exceed those specifications can be the difference in winning the contract.
  • Service Delivery – From project scoping and management to repair and recycling, the broader the range of services your company can deliver, the more likely you are to capture customers looking for a “one-stop” solution to their IT needs.

So where does IT business consulting come in for your business? The answer is “wherever you need it”. It depends on your core strengths, identified weaknesses/limitations, the opportunities you would like to pursue and the threats or risks you face in your existing business and in any service expansion you undertake.
This is a basic business process and most company owners and managers will have a fairly good idea of where gaps exist or where resources are needed to expand the business.
So the real challenge is to find the right IT business consulting to precisely fill the gaps and make your service offering complete in your clients’ eyes.

You Need a Dependable, Full Service IT Business Consulting Firm

If you found an IT business consulting firm with expert systems architecture, a technical writing capacity to meet any customer specification, and reliable resources for all the IT services you might ever need, then you would have been met the challenge.
From consulting to fulfillment, DispatchUs is a reliable choice to handle all the IT services you need, for entire projects or any single project component.

  • Guaranteed Fixed Cost Solutions
    It’s simple – you control costs. We’ll tell you what your consulting services will cost and that’s what you’ll pay – guaranteed.
  • Fully Scalable Project Teams
    Custom assembled to your specifications. Professional, qualified and pre-screened service experts.
  • Flexible & Fast
    A network of literally thousands of IT professionals means DispatchUs will have a team on-site on time
  • Full Reporting
    You need tracking and accountability. The DispatchUs service delivery reporting system is comprehensive, up-to-date and online.
  • Global Capabilities
    Get the DispatchUs advantage anywhere you need it.

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