Which IT Networking Services Does Your Business Require?

You will encounter a number of variables in determining your business’ IT networking services requirements. Fortunately, the more time you spend properly assessing your networking requirements and resources, the less daunting the task becomes.
The following is a general guide to help you develop your own specifications for IT networking services:

    • Assessment – Too many businesses either under- or over-estimate their current IT networking capacity, potential and security. The results, from lost opportunity, under-utilized resources and acquired risk can be very significant. Assessment will also identify the systems and software needed to use your networking services at maximum efficiency.
    • Network Installation – A proper assessment allows businesses to clearly understand their IT networking service requirements and begin to address them. Installation considerations include developing schedules for a seamless rollout and minimizing costly downtime.
    • Network Management – With technology in place and systems doing their job, managing your IT networking services is your next hurdle. The system must be managed properly to operate at peak efficiency, to identify weak points and areas for improvement, and manage software and hardware updates and maintenance.
    • Maintenance – Adherence to a maintenance program will extend the operating life of your entire network, reduce downtime and reduce costs. Perhaps most importantly, proper maintenance helps ensure the security of your entire network. In addition, no network is without unplanned outages and being as prepared as possible to carry out emergency maintenance will minimize their impact.
    • Back-up and Redundancy – Where outages are not possible, redundant networking services must be maintained and processes in place to ensure seamless switch over. Back-up services include identifying the data that must be protected, where it will be backed-up and the most effective back-up schedule.
    • Network Security – Perhaps the most important, yet most overlooked component of your IT network services is the security of your network. Data loss due to equipment malfunction, malicious hacking or employee mismanagement can be devastating.
Fulfilling Your IT Networking Services

Businesses large enough to maintain their own networking services can rely on internal capacity to ensure the network’s operating efficiency. Too often, however, many companies choose to invest in internal networking capabilities at the cost of resources for their core business.
Successful IT networking services require dedicated resources that are in sync with the needs of the entire enterprise. With the rapidly changing networking landscape, maintaining those resources in-house is an increasingly costly and time – consuming task.
DispatchUs is a reliable choice for all your IT networking services, from initial assessment and installation, through management, maintenance and disposition, DispatchUs offers reliable teams of specialized personnel, custom assembled to meet your requirements

  • Guaranteed Fixed Cost Solutions
    It’s simple – you control costs. We’ll tell you what your networking services will cost and that’s what you’ll pay – guaranteed.
  • Fully Scalable Project Teams
    Custom assembled to your specifications. Professional, qualified and pre-screened network specialists.
  • Flexible & Fast
    A network of literally thousands of IT professionals means DispatchUs will have a team on-site, on time.
  • Full Reporting
    The DispatchUs service delivery reporting system is comprehensive, up-to-date and online.

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