IT Outsourcing

When should you choose IT outsourcing? It’s the main question any IT manager has when faced with a temporary lack of resources. But it’s not the only question you need answers for before figuring out how to solve gaps in your capacity.

What job function should you outsource?

man with it serverIf you need to fill a gap due to a temporary absence, then the answer is easy. But, if you have a new project assigned to you or a new deliverable for which you do not have capacity, then the answer can be quite difficult.

The problem is particularly complex when the extra resources are needed across all the skill sets of your IT team. In other words, you need a little extra help in all capacities, instead of one clear, easily identified gap.

It means you may have to shift certain responsibilities from some or all team members to create a single, definable task that you can outsource.

One example would be: if testing is shared among your team members, by shifting that responsibility to a single role, you can then outsource testing and QA.

Where do you outsource from?

You probably have more options for outsourcing than you think, but each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that you must consider before making your final decision.

  • Your Network: If you’re in IT, you will know at least a few contractors who may be able to help. Also your team members will have their own networks. Be careful of the temptation of doing a favour for a contact that isn’t quite able to deliver the project.
  • Advertise: Be prepared for a deluge of calls and to make time for meetings and reviews.
  • Offshore Suppliers: Until recently, this was a very popular solution that was preferred because of the perceived cost savings. While still a viable option, you are strongly encouraged to get solid assurances about delivery to specifications, budgets and deadlines. India, China and Southeast Asia are popular locations, but many companies are now choosing “nearshore” options from Latin American countries like Mexico and Panama.
  • A Staffing Agency: While some managers consider this a more expensive choice, when you look at the savings in time and costs, combined with knowing that you will get the job done properly, on time and on budget, it is often the most cost effective option.

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