Developing an IT Project Proposal

business personnel holding white sheetsIt’s always good news when a customer requests an IT project proposal. But it’s often bad news too, especially when you don’t have in-house resources, capacity or personnel to carry out the work.
Unless you want to tell your customer you can’t meet the specifications, and risk losing them to another vendor who can, your only option is to somehow meet the requirements.
But that means your company assumes a number of major risks. Primarily, you need to assign resources to finding ways to meet the specifications, and you need to manage the hastily assembled resources for a service you may not have provided before. Risky.
And very often you can’t take the time to find the most reliable ways to provide the services because RFPs are notoriously “due yesterday”.

How to Successfully Meet the Requirements of Any RFP

Imagine that you could instantly meet every specification of an RFP, every time. No need to move resources away from other tasks, no need to take the time to source new capacity and, perhaps best of all, no need to assume the risks of taking on work that is outside your core competencies.
Then all you would need to do is start writing. Oddly, even in such an ideal situation, there are still inherent risks. What you write is key to your customer understanding precisely how you will meet their requirements, which is all they really care about. If your writing doesn’t do so properly, you risk never getting the job, regardless of resources and capacity.
With so much at stake, your best option may be to find a service with the right expertise and let them assume the responsibility, and risk, of managing the entire job, from RFP to completion. If you do, you can realize a number of benefits:

  • The Perfect Proposal – Meet every specification, and perhaps even exceed a few, like you’ve been regularly providing the requested services
  • The Right Resources – Have complete confidence that you can reliably deliver exactly what you propose
  • No Risk, No Cost Overruns – You can stop worrying about when the next crisis will happen

And the ultimate benefit? You keep your valuable client happy and coming back for more.
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