Solving Your IT Technology Management Issues

According to Wikipedia, IT technology management is “the discipline whereby all of the technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities”.
If your business provides IT management services to its customers, you know this definition is accurate, but you also know that you can’t convey the practical meaning of IT management in a single sentence.
From planning to review, management of even the smallest IT infrastructure can consume an inordinate amount of time and resources – and that’s if you have solid IT management strategies and teams.

IT Technology Management Issues

There’s not enough space here to begin to scratch the surface of possible IT management problems. Of course there are endless hardware, software and technical issues, but suppliers of IT management services face many serious issues that go beyond the “IT technology” and more toward the “management” of it:

    • Getting The Right Job in ITCosts – The nature of IT makes it very difficult to estimate precise final costs before you begin a project. Contingencies in your estimates are important, but not always enough.
    • Skills – When customers ask for services you don’t have in-house, or if you need to add skill sets to go after a target client, you are faced with time- and resource-consuming searches for talent, or you face the possibility of not getting the work.
    • Location – You and your business are in one place, but the customer needs you to be somewhere else. The costs of sending technicians to remote locations, including travel, accommodation, ground transportation and per diem, can price you out of the market.
    • Tracking – If you’re lucky, you have an understanding customer who accepts that sometimes unforeseen costs occur, or that project scopes were changed, but they need justification from accurate and detailed job tracking and expense reporting.
    • Timely – Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of supplying IT technology management services is that you have to do all of the above in a timely manner – and none of it has anything to do with actual IT management. You can’t put off finding the right talent, or putting them in the right place, or controlling cost, etc., because doing so will jeopardize your chances of finding and keeping customers.

The overall hurdle that IT management companies face is they need to do all of the above while still finding time to deliver the services that are at the core of their business.

The Solution for IT Technology Management Service Providers

You need an IT business consulting firm with reliable resources for all the IT  technology management services you might ever need for your customers – without the costs of recruiting and maintaining them.
From consulting to fulfillment, DispatchUs is a reliable choice to handle all the IT management services you need, for entire projects or any single project component.
Whether you need contract or full-time placements, PeopleToGo has a network of literally thousands of trained, certified IT professionals with the the skills and experience your customers need.

    • Guaranteed Fixed Cost Solutions
      It’s simple – you control costs. We’ll tell you what your consulting services will cost and that’s what you’ll pay – guaranteed.
    • Fully Scalable Project Teams
      Custom assembled to your specifications. Professional, qualified and pre-screened IT service experts.
    • Flexible & Fast
      A network of literally thousands of IT professionals means DispatchUs will have a team on-site on time
    • Full Reporting
      You need tracking and accountability. The DispatchUs service delivery reporting system is comprehensive, up-to-date and online.
    • Global Capabilities
      Get the DispatchUs advantage anywhere you need it.

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