Payroll Services

Save time, money and minimize business risk with PeopleToGo’s easy and effective Payroll Services.

When you choose PeopleToGo to outsource your non-core workforce payroll, you get the upside benefits without the downside issues:

Reduce Payroll Administration Costs Increase ROI Improve Your Focus
Temporary staff, contractors, students – any non-core personnel – place a burden on your payroll services, including the administration of benefits, deductions and legal responsibilities. Complete reporting and cost tracking keep you in control of the bottom line while you enjoy the benefits of having the people you need, when you need them. PeopleToGo’s Payroll Services let you concentrate on improving your business.
The Total Payroll Service

PeopleToGo understands your business and your personnel requirements, so we know what you need and we will take care of all aspects of payroll administration:


Administration – Issue paycheques, calculate and track deductions, ensure government remittances are accurate and timely


Pay Scales – Develop a unified and consistent pay rate policy for contract, temporary and part-time personnel


Legal Compliances – Including co-employment, layoffs and dismissals


Track Spending – Including co-employment, layoffs and dismissals



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