How to Save Money with Temporary IT Staffing

Save Money with Temporary IT StaffingWhether or not your business has used temporary IT staffing services to meet short-term human resource needs, it’s not difficult to see the advantages of doing so. It’s clear that, if a temporary need for personnel has been identified, it is far less costly and involves less risk to use a temporary agency versus recruiting and hiring your own contractors or permanent staff.
Many businesses don’t consider the extra costs involved in hiring contractors or staff and it’s those extra costs that make it an expensive proposition:

  • Recruiting – Hiring costs start long before you start interviewing. From advertising to drug screening and background checks – and the cost of a recruiter to manage the process – recruiting, even for temporary IT staffing, is an expensive proposition.
  • Training – Once you find the right person, you will likely need to fill in the gaps in his or her experience or skill sets to suit your needs. Just maintaining the capacity to train is an costly undertaking.
  • Accounting & Integration – Even if you hire your own contractors, they will need to be set up in your books and tracked. And while not too many companies consider it a cost, the simple acts of setting up your temporary staff with desks and equipment is far more expensive than they appear.

There are many other costs, including the time it takes the temporary staff to get to 100% productivity.
How Using a Temporary IT Staffing Company Saves Money
Using an personnel agency to find your temporary IT staff starts saving you money right from the start:

  • Recruiting – Except the cost of finding and updating the right staffing agency, your business will have no recruiting costs. The personnel agency should be willing to do all recruiting or have pre-qualified candidates ready to go.
  • Training – The personnel agency should offer only IT staff who are fully trained and experienced in all the skills you need to fill the position.
  • Accounting and Integration – While you will need to add your temporary personnel company to your books, you will only need to do it once, regardless of how many IT staff you choose now or in the future. If you find a reliable personnel agency, it is likely that the quality of the staff they send is such that integration costs are minimal.

Your Temporary & Project-Based IT Staffing Partner

is a reliable choice for all your temporary IT staffing requirements, for a project or to bridge a gap in your IT capacity.

  • Guaranteed Fixed Cost Solutions – It’s simple, you control costs. We’ll tell you what your staff will cost and that’s what you’ll pay – guaranteed.
  • Fully Scalable Project Teams – Custom assembled to your specifications. Professional, qualified and pre-screened IT specialists.
  • Flexible & Fast – A network of literally thousands of IT professionals means DispatchUs will have a team on-site, on time.
  • Full Reporting – The DispatchUs service delivery reporting system is comprehensive, up-to-date and online.

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