Thank you for all your support. I will never forget this. It was a pleasure to work with your team (very professional job).


Dell Canada Inc.



Just want to let you know that the client was very pleased with the scheduled techs for the Cara move. The techs were on site on time, followed the instruction and II was a good team.


Please let PTG know that their techs did very well.

Cara Foods


I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and determination… and for going through all of the trouble that it took to get the car. I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to starting work tonight. Jobs with PeopleToGo are always enjoyable and a great experience.

Thank you for your fast reply. You are one of the best people I have ever worked for.



The resources that were made available to us from PeopleToGo moved into the positions relatively quickly and have really became part of the Genco team. They understand their role, and are always willing to help out where-ever and whenever we need it. We appreciate the relationship that we have developed with PeopleToGo and consider them a partner as opposed to a supplier of resources.

Facility Manager

Genco Distribution Systems of Canada


I am the project coordinator working on the Amencan Express – VPN project. Your team is doing a fabulous job on this project. They came into this project at a time that I was most desperate for good technicians. They follow the rules to the “tee” and let me know what is going on before it happens, doing this make them and myself very proactive, Also, I never have to ask for the paperwork, it is always sitting there waiting for me on my fax server.
They have even broken a record on how fast they can do a call – Even the customer had to make a comment.
I am so pleased with these technicians; they can work for me anytime.
Project Manager


Many thanks for great work from your team – please pass on the comments to individuals involved.

Comments from VP of Technology Operations:
“Thanks for following up. We’re very pleased with the rollout process and the integration with our deployment team. We are considering using the Dell deployment process again for our 2011 requirements.”

Project Manager
DELL Global Infrastructure Service (GIDS)



As a contractor/employee of PeopleToGo (PTG), I enjoyed a work experience which I consider to have been a truly remarkable one. My experience with PTG was one where I found that all of my efforts on their behalf were reciprocated. The primary thing with which I was impressed was the “hands-off’ approach they took in working with me. I found that working hard in my contracted position. and building a favorable relationship with my peers at my place of employment. led to an experience where PTG staff treated me as a professional. From an occasional status update conversation with my PTG coordinator. PTG staff was very supportive and placed their trust in the belief that I was representing them well each and every day. This is no small thing. Knowing you have the trust of your employer and their confidence in your dedication and effort goes a long way to making your employment experience an enjoyable and challenging one.
Additionally, I was also impressed with the flexibility offered me regarding personal matters. From going to the dentist to taking holiday time, PTG staff consistently was supportive and made dealing with the foreseen and unforeseen of daily life much easier for me. I also was impressed with the generosity offered me in the form of additional training and professional development opportunities. Here PTG shined yet again. This was literally a situation where “hard-work” and “dedication” was recognized and appreciated. It was clear to me that PTG was interested in me both professionally and personally.
If you are looking for an opportunity to be recognized for your professionalism and your skills to be appreciated, PTG is the place you should look. I valued every moment as a PGT contractor and wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again should some later opportunity arise.


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