COVID-19 Policy

Revised July 2020

Field service personnel travelling between multiple customer locations where exposure levels may vary.

Please adhere to the below procedures to help ensure your and our customers health and safety.

  1. Prior to any onsite visit, our TRC team will screen the customer for any recent outbreaks or potential concerns.

  2. Each morning, Field Service Personnel must be cleared for work by answering this question: “Do you have fever, cough, shortness of breath or are feeling ill?“ Field Service Personnel who cannot answer ‘NO’ to this question will be contacted by HR for details and may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

  3. Limit what you take into customer environment.

  4. Limit contact to your specific work area, take the direct route and limit your time in the customer’s facility.

  5. Before and after all calls, use good judgement: disinfect tools, all external surfaces of bags, cases, boxes, and other items that may be brought into or out of, a client’s environment using eco friendly products (wipes or spray).

  6. Do not place equipment into your vehicle, until it has been disinfected. Pay special attention to the bottom of bags and cases.

  7. Disinfect the equipment and your work area prior to service with eco friendly products (wipes or spray). Ensure that the fluid from the wipe dries thoroughly. When the service is completed, disinfect the equipment again prior to leaving.

  8. Must wear a face mask and nitrile or latex gloves while on site. Do not reuse gloves between locations and always wash your hands before donning gloves and after glove removal. Furthermore, continue to practice social distancing guidelines and hand washing procedures provided by PHAC and WHO.

  9. Practice 20 second handwashing, frequently throughout the day, especially before, during and after a service call. Avoid touching your face.

  10. Use hand sanitizing gel as needed. (use gels with >60% alcohol)

  11. Notify your dispatcher and HR immediately if you feel you may have been exposed.

Your main contact is HR - Gina Miras at or directly at 647-490-5673