COVID-19 Policy

Revised September 2021


PeopleToGo and DispatchUs (hereinafter called the “Company”) are committed to maintain a safe work environment for all our workers and do our part in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

This policy applies to all Company resources who are in physical contact with fellow employees, site workers, contractors, clients, candidates, etc. The company recommends that all remote employees read through this policy to remain informed on action plans and ensure proper communication within our company.

Mandatory Vaccination

Many of our clients are mandating vaccinations while on their site and their customer sites, and we are supporting their decision. Therefore, we are enforcing the importance of vaccinations to all our resources (either employee, contractor or subcontractor) and recommend that you carry the appropriate documentation while onsite. Each province has its own guidelines on the type of proof, please refer to the links below if you are not sure or contact HR.

Otherwise, we will require documentation exempting you from having the vaccination for medical or religious reasons. However, please note that should the client require vaccinated individuals, then you may not be assigned the call.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is one of the best ways to protect workers who work in locations that have contact with other workers, customers/patrons, or the public. The Delta variant of the coronavirus is more contagious, with greater risk for severe illness and hospitalization. Therefore, The COVID-19 vaccine gives us an added layer of protection against the virus and builds community immunity to help protect our friends, family and loved ones, including children who are too young to get the vaccine.

For more information on Vaccinations, please refer to:

Illness or Exposure

We request that all employees/contractors inform us of any potential exposure (i.e., have traveled to a place with an advisory, a family member has been exposed and/or becomes ill).

If you are experiencing a cold, cough, fever, loss of smell/taste or generally feeling unwell, do not go to site without speaking to your manager/HR.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID19, follow your health professionals’ advice, isolate and inform your manager and contact HR to discuss next steps, contact information is listed above. Field service personnel travelling between multiple customer locations where exposure levels may vary.

General Hygiene Rules

Please adhere to the below guidelines to help ensure your own and our customers health and safety.

1. Continue to practice social distancing guidelines and hand washing procedures provided by the Government of Canada, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Prevention and risks.

2. Follow site protocols regarding face masks and nitrile/latex gloves. Should you be required to wear gloves, do not reuse between locations and always wash your hands before donning a new pair of gloves and after glove removal. If you do not have access to these supplies, please inform your manager immediately.

3. Before and after all calls, disinfect your work area, all tools used onsite, all external surfaces of bags, cases, boxes, and any other items that may have been brought in or out of a client’s environment. Use eco friendly products such as wipes or spray.

4. Do not place equipment into your vehicle until it has been properly disinfected. Pay special attention to the bottom of bags and cases.

Questions or concerns contact HR directly, Gina Miras at or 647-490-5673